Surgical Services

From surgery to recovery, your pet's safety is our top priority.

In keeping with the rigorous American Animal Hospital Association standards, our dedicated and purpose-built surgical suite is the same high-quality standard you would see in a human operating room. The suite is equipped with top-of-the-line anesthesia and monitoring devices to ensure your pet has a successful surgery. Our facility not only comes with the best equipment but also has a superb team of veterinarians and veterinary technologists to execute a variety of surgical procedures. From routine surgeries to emergencies, your pet is in good hands here at Sardis Animal Hospital.

What types of surgeries does the hospital perform?

Our hospital has dedicated staff for surgical procedures. The number of surgeries we perform each day is limited to ensure we’re prioritizing the individual needs of each furry friend in our care. If you have questions about your pet’s upcoming surgery, please contact us at 604-858-4415. Our team of veterinarians and veterinary technologists regularly performs an extensive list of routine surgeries, including:

  • Abdominal procedures like a gastrotomy (stomach is opened to remove foreign objects), cystotomy (internal examination of the bladder) and splenectomy (spleen removal)
  • Ophthalmology (eye) procedures like ocular enucleation (eye removal) and eyelid tumor removal
  • Reproductive procedures like neutering, spaying and C-sections
  • Other procedures like a mass removal and laceration (skin tear) repair

What are your hospital’s pre-surgery procedures?

On the day of surgery, we perform a pre-surgical exam to get their baseline health levels. This includes pre-anesthesia testing to ensure your pet’s body is working optimally and will react well to the drug. Next, they are hooked up to an intravenous catheter (IV) so we’re able to provide vital blood pressure and body fluid stabilization throughout and after the procedure.

What happens while my pet is in surgery?

We know it can be worrisome to ponder your pet on the operating table while you wait for their procedure to end. We want to assure you we’re taking every action to make your pet’s surgery a success. A veterinary technologist is responsible for monitoring your pet’s vitals throughout the procedure to act quickly, if necessary.

Do you provide post-surgery care?

Yes, we do! We have a plan in place for your pet’s post-surgery care even before the surgery is over, including a pain management plan. We do our best to ensure your pet has a pain-free recovery by providing detailed discharge instructions for pet owners on how to give adequate home care. Expect to hear from our staff as we check-in on your pet’s post-surgery recovery.

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