Dental Care

Good oral health is essential for the general wellbeing of a pet, just as it is for humans.

Our furry friends’ teeth are not too different from ours. We both have baby teeth that fall out, blood vessels in our mouths and enamel. Imagine what would happen to your teeth if you never visited the dentist or regularly brushed your teeth! That’s why it’s important to provide your pet with consistent at-home care as well as schedule regular cleanings with our team. With our state-of-the-art dentistry suite and tools, you can be sure your pet will receive the best oral and dental care possible.

What happens when I don’t take care of my pet’s teeth?

Plaque forms when bacteria and saliva mix together, coating your pet’s enamel. If it builds up overtime, it hardens into tartar. If plaque isn’t cleaned and removed regularly, your pet could lose their teeth. To avoid this, it’s important to schedule regular cleanings as well as provide consistent at-home care for your pet’s teeth. Pets often hide their pain from us so your pet might seem to be eating or behaving regularly despite tooth pain. Pets affected by periodontal disease (gum disease) might also have bad breath or discoloured teeth.

How do I know when my pet is in pain?

You’ll need to pay close attention to subtle changes in their behaviour to know if they’re in pain. Some things you should look out for are biting (especially if you try to touch their mouth), changing in their breathing like more panting, dilated (larger) pupils, reduced appetite or a decrease in their energy level.

I brush my pet’s teeth regularly. Do they still need to schedule a cleaning?

Kudos to you for taking care of your pet’s teeth at home by brushing them daily! Despite your efforts, at-home care must be supplemented by in-office treatments. Even if your pet receives cleaning at the groomer’s, it is less intensive than the Complete Oral Health Assessment and Treatment we provide. To ensure we’re able to take care of all your pet’s dental needs, we’ve invested in tools and equipment like a digital dental x-ray, high speed drills and modern oral surgical tools. Schedule your pet’s cleaning by contacting us at 604-858-4415.

What does a Complete Oral Health Assessment and Treatment include?

They include a few steps, the first is putting your pet under anesthesia (and conducting pre-anesthesia testing). During cleanings, we will:

  • Remove tartar (visible and below the surface) with a combination of hand and ultrasonic scalers
  • Polish the enamel
  • Disinfect and treat the mouth with a fluoride sealer
  • Update professional records and dental charts, noting the differences of each tooth
  • Perform X-rays to record or investigate any issues
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