Veterinary Assistant
As a child, I always had a deep love for animals. When going to friend’s houses, I would always get more excited to see their pets than them (that hasn’t really changed). Growing up I of course always said I’d love to be a veterinarian. I went to university for a few years, switching my program frequently. I just didn’t feel any program was “right”. It wasn’t until I heard about and enrolled in the Veterinary Administrative Assistant program at UFV that I finally felt like I found where I belonged. I graduated in June of 2023 and started my job here at Sardis Animal Hospital and I am so grateful to work with such a great team, continue to develop my knowledge, and meet all your wonderful pets! In my spare time, I love to read, and am usually hanging out with my very vocal and usually grumpy looking cat named Oliver.


Puppy and Kitten Care

Starting Little Pets In The Big World So you have a new kitten or a new puppy! At Sardis Animal Hospital, we want to give you and your young pet a sound start in life. Here are a few hints to help you prepare:

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